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The Silver Lotto System was developed by Ken Silver to help millions of lottery players world wide who play the lottery and drastically improve there chances of winning using a very simple and easy to use system. Ken Silver says that if you play his Lottery system properly that you can win 8 out of 10 lotto draws that you play.

Does this sound to good to be true?

Well, Ken Silver has received and posts hundreds of testimonies on his website to show that his lottery system does actually work. If you are not completely sure you will probably be relieved to know that if the system for some reason does not works for you he offers a full 8 week 100% double back money guarantee on his system. Although a big prize is what a lot of people are after a lot of regular small wins for some people who play lotto and never win is a big victory and if you continue this you may get lucky and win one of this big prizes.

The Silver Lotto System does not in any way try to predict the winning lotto numbers. And seeing there is no complicated paperwork required for you to use this system makes it more enjoyable. It takes about 30 minutes or less to work out the numbers and full in your lotto tickets and you only have to do this once. All you need for this system is the Silver Lotto manual a pen and paper.

It is well worth giving this system a go because you have nothing to lose and every thing possible to gain knowing that you have a 100% double back money guarantee on this system. So does this lottery system work, personally I have tried it and yes it does work and you do not have to play lots of combinations and change your numbers every week like some lottery systems to win on a regular basis.

Mar 2
“The Silver Lotto System” Review
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The formula works by giving you a calculated sum of certain numbers on the lotto tickets, and don’t ever change them. This has to be a good idea because you don’t have to go filling out new tickets every week.

But, it would be a good idea if the system worked. We’ll see.
now its time to buy the lotto tickets. The system told me I had a option of spending what ever amount I felt comfortable with. I felt good about spending $20. I managed to pick hubby’s pockets for that amount, since it was his ideal to do the test I had no guilt about it.

The day after the draw I went back to my lotto store and got them to check my tickets.

I Couldn’t believe it. I won $36! After all the lottery tickets I had bought for years and years and only got a free ticket or a $5 prize. Then this. Well I guess this was a pretty good result. But…


“Winning once doesn’t prove a thing!”

Just winning one  prize could have been a coincidence and so lets keep putting the system to the test. I figured as long as I was winning more money than I was putting in, it would be a cheap way of testing the lotto system.

the next time I could play was Thursday. I wagered the same amount and you can imagine my surprise when I won again… just $18 this time. I really felt quite good going back to the store because the lotto guy remembered me from last week. He told me its kind of rare when people win twice in a row.

The following Saturday I decided to spend a little more. I played $60 this time, this is the most I’ve ever bought on lotto ever. I couldn’t wait for the lotto store to work out my tickets, so I spent 20 minutes working them out after the results came through on the live draw.


“Now I’m starting to become a believer in this system. I won a lotto whopping $232.00!”

I was up by $186.00!  Now I am hooked. This lotto test had turned into a big profit for me, and even my husband was starting to take notice. But he was a conservative kind of guy that was hard to convince, he kept on insisting that I play for three months to really check whether it was luck or the system.

Here’s the results from my three-month lotto test after the 3 games I played earlier. Take a special look at week 8:

Week 1 – spent $40 – won $52
Week 2 – spent $60 – won $230 (my tickets were free from this point!)
Week 3 – spent $30 – won $126
Week 4 – spent $30 – won $12
Week 5 – spent $30 – won $10
Week 6 – spent $30 – won $46
Week 7 – spent $60 – won $612
Week 8 – spent $20 – won $3,300
Week 9 – spent $30 – won $85
Week 10 – spent $60 – won $5
Week 11 – spent $20 – won $210
Week 12 – spent $60 – won $126

So altogether I had spent $460 over 3 months, and won $4,120. Plus the earlier $186 and I had grabbed altogether $4,306.00!

The good part was that after the second week I was able to pay for my lotto tickets entirely from winnings – so it didn’t cost me a cent after week 2.

In conclusion…

“Ken Silver’s lotto system works after all, despite me not wanting to believe it.”

And about that order page that I thought was a scam, my hubby checked it out with some web page that shows a history of previous versions. (He built this website and knows a bit about the net). Hubby found indeed that the low offer price of $39.95 had increased quite a few times, and gone down too, but not below the price I bought it at.

But since this price was the lowest, I got a true bargain at $39.95. It all seemed to be true enough as Ken Silver had said.  Believe me you will not regret Giving    

The Silver Lotto System  a chance.


Mar 1
The Lotto Black Book Review
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The writing of the Lotto Black Book review caused me to perform diligent research into this exciting new method. It began when an Oklahoma mathematics professor used his knowledge of mathematical analysis to create a strategy, a methodology if you will, that has enabled him to win the lottery every other time he plays! The proof is in the pudding, as they say, and therefore he has had it become a matter of public record in Oklahoma that anyone can verify, that he indeed has been a winner a number of times, and that he is now a millionaire to show for it.

Humankind is immeasurably drawn to gambling strategies. Gambling has been around since there was man, thus the interest is certainly not new, and it is even referenced in the bible, the most well known reference being “They parted my garments among them, and on my clothing did they cast lots.”

The laws of probability are confusing and highly technical, especially when working with lotto numbers. Pictures of this professor, Larry Blair who wrote the Lotto Black Book, show him diligently working on the solution to his black book, and the array of computers it took to solve it. At last he was successful, and he has won the lottery large awards at least five times — truly a testament that he does have the secrets of winning.

Although he has enjoyed his winnings, a black cloud did shroud the joy, when kidnappers who desperately desired his lottery success secrets, shot him in the foot. The fact that this very negative incident happened to him is why he wishes to share his knowledge with others. He hopes that by sharing, he will have thwarted any further thoughts of kidnapping to force him to give out his previously highly guarded secret!

Also he realizes that the sharing of the secret certainly won’t put a stop to his own winnings, if he finds that he wishes additional moneys. Finally when he was being held against his will, he told God that he would distribute the secret so that others could make money from the Lotto, if God would grant him freedom from them. He got away, and even though the process took him precious years to develop and perfect the Lotto Black Book, he has kept his pledge to share his astonishing breakthrough.

Gambling also intrigued Gallileo, a very learned man who lived in the 17th century,, and the laws of probability were first introduced by him. Since then, countless others have embellished on his theories. However, still today most scientists will tell you that probability has not yet been thoroughly explained. What Larry Blair has created with his book is thus the very next step in clarifying probability laws.

The winning strategy is based on the progression of analysis of the numbers that have already won the lottery before. Those numbers are then applied to the Larry Blair formula, thus enabling you to accurately foretell the following sets of numbers destined to subsequently win the lottery. Amazing, yes, but it works!

You can download and get The Lotto Black Book here.

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