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The Lotto Black Book Review
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The writing of the Lotto Black Book review caused me to perform diligent research into this exciting new method. It began when an Oklahoma mathematics professor used his knowledge of mathematical analysis to create a strategy, a methodology if you will, that has enabled him to win the lottery every other time he plays! The proof is in the pudding, as they say, and therefore he has had it become a matter of public record in Oklahoma that anyone can verify, that he indeed has been a winner a number of times, and that he is now a millionaire to show for it.

Humankind is immeasurably drawn to gambling strategies. Gambling has been around since there was man, thus the interest is certainly not new, and it is even referenced in the bible, the most well known reference being “They parted my garments among them, and on my clothing did they cast lots.”

The laws of probability are confusing and highly technical, especially when working with lotto numbers. Pictures of this professor, Larry Blair who wrote the Lotto Black Book, show him diligently working on the solution to his black book, and the array of computers it took to solve it. At last he was successful, and he has won the lottery large awards at least five times — truly a testament that he does have the secrets of winning.

Although he has enjoyed his winnings, a black cloud did shroud the joy, when kidnappers who desperately desired his lottery success secrets, shot him in the foot. The fact that this very negative incident happened to him is why he wishes to share his knowledge with others. He hopes that by sharing, he will have thwarted any further thoughts of kidnapping to force him to give out his previously highly guarded secret!

Also he realizes that the sharing of the secret certainly won’t put a stop to his own winnings, if he finds that he wishes additional moneys. Finally when he was being held against his will, he told God that he would distribute the secret so that others could make money from the Lotto, if God would grant him freedom from them. He got away, and even though the process took him precious years to develop and perfect the Lotto Black Book, he has kept his pledge to share his astonishing breakthrough.

Gambling also intrigued Gallileo, a very learned man who lived in the 17th century,, and the laws of probability were first introduced by him. Since then, countless others have embellished on his theories. However, still today most scientists will tell you that probability has not yet been thoroughly explained. What Larry Blair has created with his book is thus the very next step in clarifying probability laws.

The winning strategy is based on the progression of analysis of the numbers that have already won the lottery before. Those numbers are then applied to the Larry Blair formula, thus enabling you to accurately foretell the following sets of numbers destined to subsequently win the lottery. Amazing, yes, but it works!

You can download and get The Lotto Black Book here.

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