Nov 29

    If you are into Powerball, you know you need all six numbers for the Jackpot. The jackpot is usually very large so you know there are going to be a great deal of tickets purchased. Now you may be thinking with all those tickets sold for Powerball, how to win is the next question? [...]

Nov 5

Did you miss out on the last 350 million dollar jackpot? Were you wishing you could at least been the one who didn’t win the millions but got 250,000 dollars? Do you want to know what the secret is to help you pick the winning lotto numbers for the mega million lotto? As you read [...]

Oct 11

Today’s topic is understanding the odds of winning a lottery. Let’s take the average 6/49 lottery that operates in several USA states and Canada Provinces as an average lottery for our example. To win the lottery grand prize “you” as the contestant have to select all six numbers exactly as drawn in the weekly or [...]

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